Steve Walters of Beaverton will be wearing #250 in the Three Capes Marathon Relay in honor for the fact that this will be his 250th marathon.  That’s right, Steve Walters who started running just over 10 years ago, will run his 250th marathon from Cape Meares to Pacific City Feb. 28th.

Walters began running one mile a day to lose weight, but within a couple of months he was running ten miles a day and quickly began training for his first marathon in June 2005.  Signing up for his second marathon before running his first, Walters was hooked.  Soon thereafter he joined the Marathon Maniacs, a group who strives to run lots of marathons.  In the last ten years of running,  Walters has averaged a marathon almost every two weeks, including some ultras.

From June 2010 to June 2011, Walters ran 54 marathons, earning the top Titanium level among the Marathon Maniacs Group.  That’s one marathon per week, plus some.  You can see more about his Marathon Maniac running story at this link:

His marathon PR is the Tunnel Lite Marathon in North Bend, Washington in September of 2013 in 3:01:19, but his favorite marathon is the Seattle Marathon the Sunday after Thanksgiving.  He’s ran that marathon every year since he started running.

He has the goal of running a marathon in each of the 50 states and will complete this goal at the Maui Oceanfront Marathon in January 2016.  He also belongs to a group called the “50sub4” group.  The goal of this group is to run each of the 50 state marathons in under 4:00.  He’s well on his way, averaging 3:22 per marathon.

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