Point to Point

On the Rugged Oregon Coast

Match Team Talent With Relay Legs.

Coach’s Difficulty Rating:

  • Leg 1, 4.47 miles, very difficult: 85%
  • Leg 2, 5.44 miles, difficult: 72%
  • Leg 3, 5.02 miles, extremely difficult: 99%
  • Leg 4, 6.82 miles, moderate: 50%
  • Leg 5, 4.39 miles, easy: 35%


11 + 8 =

Premier Youth Running Cross Country Camp

Choose the legs below for maps, elevation charts, and complete descriptions of each leg.

Seasonal logistics may slightly adjust final leg distances and/or exchange points.  Check back prior to the race to be sure there were no changes to your leg or exchange point.

Leg #1, 4.47 miles, rated very difficult

Leg #2, 5.44 miles, rated difficult

leg 1 map
leg 1 map

Leg #3, 5.02 miles, rated extremely difficult

Leg #4, 6.82 miles, rated moderate

leg 1 map
leg 1 map

Leg #5, 4.39 miles, rated easy

Full course, 26.2 miles

leg 1 map
leg 1 map

Half marathon, 1st half

Half marathon, 2nd half

leg 1 map
leg 1 map

Photos of Course:

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