Traffic & Safety Plan

Three Capes Safety & Traffic Plan

Runner Safey:  The road will not be closed so runners need to be aware of oncoming traffic.   Runners should run on the left side of the road, on the shoulder if possible.   Runners, teammates, and support personnel are highly encouraged to wear a reflective vest or florescent shirt. Runners need to understand that they need to take their safety serious and great care must be exercised at all times by runners and team vehicles.

Aid Stations:  An aid station will be at the finish line area, but not in the middle of the course.  Water will be available at all leg exchanges.   All leg exchange points will have an official who can radio ahead for help or take you to the aid station or to the hospital.

Signs:  There will be florescent pink 2’x3’ signs (showing both ways) at the start and finishing area, each exchange point, and half way between each exchange point warning cars of runners on the road.  This makes 12 total signs along the course warning cars of runners on the road.

Exchanges:  Exchange zones will be market by cones at the beginning and ending of the exchange zone.  Runners waiting to run the next leg must wait single file next to the start of the exchange zone.  Runners only need to tap the runner in some fashion inside this exchange zone.  All spectators must remain far enough away from the exchange zone it does not impede the runners.  There will two volunteers per exchange point.  Each will be wearing florescent safety vests.  Exchange zones have been designed to give adequate parking areas.  Do not park right at the exchange point.  Follow volunteer directions for parking areas at each exchange zone.

Navigating the course:  There is a clear map for the entire course and for each leg on our website at  this page.  It is recommended to drive the course prior to the race.  Remember to park all extra cars at Tillamook High School to prevent extra traffic on race day.  There is only one team vehicle per team allowed.  For solo runners we suggest parking in Pacific City near the finish line and get a ride to the start.  If you need a ride, please contact race director at (prior to race day).

In case of emergency:  Call 911 and locate exchange leader at each exchange point.  A first aid station is located near the finish line area.  Each team should to be prepared to care for the common medical needs of their runner, and have a small first aid kit prepared. You and your teammates MUST write important emergency contact and medical info on the back of your race bibs.

Communications:  There will be an exchange leader at each exchange zone on the race course.  This person can call in emergencies, but they also help with logistical issues.  They are positioned near the exchange zone (look for the reflective vest).   If you see anyone hurt, please get their race number, exact location, and nature of the emergency, and let the exchange leader know at the next Exchange Point. They are capable of calling in full emergency medical, police, and fire response.

Use of headphones is strictly prohibited:   Headphones are not allowed because they seriously impede the ability to hear traffic and is a major safety hazard.  Your team will be disqualified if this rule is broken.  Speakers below the head are allowed.

Three Capes Relay Traffic Safey Policy:  It is required that every team signs this Traffic Safey Agreement prior to racing.  Please turn it in at packet pickup or at the start check-in area.  Teams and drivers are responsible for their own safety, as well as the safety of others traveling along the relay route. Motorists and relay participants rightfully deserve and appreciate safe roads. Thanks for driving safely.  Remember to fill out (in entirety) the medical info on the back of your race bib.

Three Capes Relay Traffic Safety Agreement

(Click to print out PDF version of safety agreement.)



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