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I'm want to run solo, but I need a ride to the start line. Is there a shuttle or some type of transportation?
We are asking solo marathoners to park in Pacific City near the finish line and we will have a shuttle to get you to the start line.    Please contact race director Patrick Zweifel and book your spot on this shuttle.  We will be leaving Pacific City at 7:15 am at the Kiosk near the finish line in Pacific City adjacent to the Pelican Pub.  Here is a photo of what the kiosk looks like.  Be sure to book your space so we know how big of a vehicle we need.

Three Capes Relay, Cape Meares to Pacific City Marathon Relay

What if I only have 3 team members, can we still run?
Yes, it is still possible to compete, but there are no awards specifically for 3 member teams, you’ll be competing against 5 person teams.  In the case of a 3 person team, 2 runners can either run 2 consecutive legs or run 2 different legs each in whatever combination they’d like to.  You’ll have to sign up as a 5 person team.
Can I compete if I'm a walker?

Yes, walkers are welcome to compete as individuals or teams.  However, walking only teams will have a start time of 7:30 am.  If your team consists of joggers and walkers, you can choose between an 8 am or 9 am start time.  An earlier start time for walking only marathoners or walking only teams will ensure that our volunteers are not waiting around at the end of a long day for a few walking only teams.

What are the rules regarding coed teams of 5?
For 5 person teams, you  must have 2 runners of one sex and 3 of another.
Are there water stations?
Yes, we have water and gatorade at all 4 of the exchange zones.
I"m running as a team of 2. Is there any way that we could make the exchange at 13.1 miles?
Yes, l the 13.1 mile mark will be well marked with a sandwhich board.  It is about 1/2 way between exchange zone 2 and exchange zone 3.  Here is a map of the first half marathon. Here is a map of the second half marathon.  There is very little shoulder at this location, so please be careful.
On a 2-person team, do we run consecutive legs or alternate legs?
You can run whatever legs and in whatever order you like, just so that each member runs at least one leg (e.g. one person can run 4 legs, the other can run 1 if that is what you’re in to).
Is there a time limit for the course? I have a team of walkers.

Our timing crew and our volunteers will be going home at 3 pm.   If you are a marathon walker (walking only) or a team of only walkers, then the start time will be 7:30 am.  This will help ensure that our volunteers can make it home at a reasonable time.  You can walk very slowly and still finish prior to 3 pm. 

If you are a solo athlete and plan to jog a little and then walk a little or if you are a team with some joggers and some walkers, then plan on choosing between an 8 am or 9am start.  If you think it will be a challenge to finish in 6 hours, please start at 8am.   Walking ONLY solo athletes and/or team need to start at 7:30.

I heard that Cape Meares Loop Rd. is closed, is that a problem for the race?
Yes, we were aware of this potential problem and when researching this race one of the first things we did was get permission for runners to use the road on race day.  Traffic, though, will have to go around.  After the start of the race, I suggest that team support vehicles leave promptly to make the first exchange zone in Oceanside.  Here is a map of the detour.
Is there a list of hotels available in the area?

Here is a link to hotels in the area:

See lodging promotions linked to Three Capes Relay here: 


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