2015 Three Capes Marathon Relay Results — 5 person teams
Scappoose Boys School Boys 2.45.00
Tillamook Boys School Boys 2.48.56
Stray Cats Open Coed 3.24.31
Return of the Stache Open Men 3.27.05
The young and the Ancient Open Men 3.27.11
4 Hares and a Tortoise Open Men 3.29.34
Five Rivers Runs a Latte Business Coed 3.29.41
Scappoose Girls School Girls 3.34.02
The Carrot Team Open Coed 3.35.50
Juniper Canyon Baptist Church Business Men 3.38.25
Badass Mother Runners Open Women 3.42.28
Five Legs Ten Feet Open Coed 3.44.27
PBDJ Open Women 3.45.13
Hayhurlers Open Masters Mix 3.46.55
Four Mooks and a Scot Open Coed 3.56.52
Cape Meares Mermaids Family Women 3.58.03
Team RWB Family Coed 3.58.06
Coast Busters Open Women 4.04.46
Me Fitness Studios Business Coed 4.05.49
Chicks With Kicks 14 Open Women 4.06.55
Element 304 Family Women 4.10.07
Need a Miracle Family Coed 4.10.48
The Blue Angels Open Coed 4.15.03
Tillamook Baybes Open Coed 4.16.13
Kathy Pickering Open Women 4.19.35
Winging it! Open Women 4.28.02
The Strained Calves Open Coed 4.28.25
YMCA CoEd Business Coed 4.29.54
The Celeres Open Women 4.32.55
The Trotting TideRunners Open Women 4.43.56
Zebra Open Coed 4.48.05
Sparkle Bits Open Women 4.49.44
Shoulda worked out more Open Women 5.10.53
Tide Rummers Team 3 Open Coed 5.23.34
Tidewalkers Open Women 5.24.57
Tiderunners Walking Team Open Masters W 5.49.00
Coasting on By Family Women 6.13.05
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