These times are from those teams who submitted their splits.  If you are not listed, but have your splits, please e-mail me at and I’ll add you to the list.

See official team results here.

Leg 1

Team Name Leg 1
Scappoose Boys Dan Carrier 22:22
Rose City Till We Die Alan Rozendaal 28:33
Need a Miracle Mark Swartzfager 32:52
Snot Rockets Scott Hadden 33:36
Cape Crusaders James Blanchard 33:57
4 Hares & a Tortoise Christopher Winesburgh 34:03
Will Run for Carrots Bobbie Stirling 36:00
YMCA Aaron Davis 36:28
2 Old Guys Marc Larson 36:46
Grimes & Hardman Katie Grimes 36:50
Hayhurlers Nick Shearer 37:01
Juniper Canyon Baptist Church Jacoby Allen 37:57
Coast Busters Emily Stefansson 41:07
Cape Meares Mermaids Vicki Bernstein 42:00
Five Rivers Runs a Latte Tim Patching 42:10
Trotting Tide Runners Mary Gallagher 45:00
RWB Donna Damiano 46:14
Winging It! Cherilyn Mitchell 51:00
Zebra Robert Gierek 59:00
Coasting On By Sam Cousins 66:52
*Submitted splits only.


Leg 2

Team Name Leg 2
Scappoose Boys Stephen Gift 25:27
Rose City Till We Die Alan Rozendaal 26:03
Will Run for Carrots Nick Perry 30:00
Cape Crusaders James Blanchard 30:08
Grimes & Hardman Katie Grimes 31:00
Hayhurlers Bob Rakoz 31:07
Juniper Canyon Baptist Church Carey Allen 31:52
Five Rivers Runs a Latte Havilah Patching 32:45
Cape Meares Mermaids Lorea Bernstein 36:00
Snot Rockets Tanie Hotan 36:06
Zebra Sue Contreras 36:52
2 Old Guys Marc Larson 36:71
Trotting Tide Runners Lesley Anctil 37:00
4 Hares & a Tortoise Randy Winesburgh 37:39
Winging It! Julie Richardson 38:00
Coast Busters Laura Stimely 40:30
RWB Jose Macias 42:00
Need a Miracle Alicia Wenzel 44:22
Coasting On By Lindsay Armstrong 45:55
YMCA Joann Kritelli 60:30
*Submitted times only.


Leg 3

Team Name Leg 3
Rose City Till We Die Alan Rozendaal 42:05
Tillamook Boys Eulises Cruz 42:20
Scappoose Boys John Kavulich 44:15
Cape Crusaders Chuck Coats 45:51
Five Rivers Runs a Latte Tom Franke 47:21
2 Old Guys Greg Webber 49:41
4 Hares & a Tortoise Scott Ackerman 50:01
Snot Rockets Scott Haddden 50:26
Team W2 Matt Westermeyer 51:11
YMCA Josh Huffman 51:40
Will Run for Carrots Chad Holloway 52:06
Hayhurlers Jim Hayhurst 52:30
Cape Meares Mermaids Corinne Gipson 53:00
RWB Austin Robbins 55:00
Juniper Canyon Baptist Church John Wagner 55:55
Coast Busters Amy  Hutmacher 60:29
Need a Miracle Marcus Wenzel 61:00
Trotting Tide Runners Sara Zwissler 61:07
Zebra Amy Frommherz 63:00
Winging It! Christine Ye 72:00
Grimes & Hardman Dana Hardman 73:00
Coasting On By Donna Sandver 94:45
*Submitted times only.


Leg 4

Team Name Leg 4
Rose City Till We Die Lawrence Merrifield 24:05
Cape Crusaders James Blanchard 29:40
Five Rivers Runs a Latte Jesse Gard 30:17
2 Old Guys Marc Larson 31:23
Snot Rockets Tanie Hotan 32:40
Grimes & Hardman Katie Grimes 33:00
Coast Busters Jessica Mortimer 33:50
RWB Michael Liang 35:00
Juniper Canyon Baptist Church Patricia Wagner 35:45
4 Hares & a Tortoise Ken Ackerman 36:22
Will Run for Carrots Crystal Farstad 38:01
Team W2 Sara Westermeyer 38:44
Winging It! Melissa Stoker 39:00
Zebra Christine Washburn 40:00
Trotting Tide Runners Kathy  Becker 41:00
Hayhurlers Heather Fowler 42:40
Need a Miracle Shari Blackburn 44:00
Cape Meares Mermaids Jamie Bernstein 45:00
Coasting On By Sam Linday 59:11
YMCA Paula Remington 60:00
*Submitted splits only.

Leg #5

Team Name Leg 5
Rose City Till We Die Lawrence Merrifield 44:48
Cape Crusaders Chuck Coats 50:14
Snot Rockets Scott Hadden 51:11
4 Hares & a Tortoise Miles Trinidad 51:40
2 Old Guys Gregg Webber 52:22
Team W2 Matt Westermeyer 54:17
Grimes & Hardman Katie Grimes 55:00
Juniper Canyon Baptist Church Brad Witbracht 56:45
Five Rivers Runs a Latte Xiomara Gard 57:06
YMCA Robin Becker 57:58
Cape Meares Mermaids Leigh Bernstein 59:00
Will Run for Carrots Shannon Markee-Gaine 59:23
RWB Crystal Purdy 61:01
Hayhurlers Karen Rakoz 62:00
Need a Miracle Lori Jordan 62:07
Coast Busters Whitley Gilbert 68:22
Zebra Janel Baber 74:00
Winging It! Heather Page 88:00
Trotting Tide Runners Jessica Hageman 92:00
Coasting On By Mary Beth Cousins 105:21
*Sumbitted times only.
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