Because of logistical issues with a growing race, we have changed two exchange points that will provide more parking and less congestion.  This has affected legs 2 through 5.  Complete leg descriptions and maps can be found on the Course Map/Exchanges page.  Here is a summary of the changes:

  1.  Leg 2 has increased to 5.44 miles and finishes off just past the Whiskey Creek Fish Hatchery.  This provides a larger parking area at the exchange and is less dangerous than the previous exchange just past a blind corner.  Leg 2 still maintains its rating of “difficult”.
  2. Leg 3 has been shorted to 5.02 miles because it starts later, but still maintains its rating of “extremely difficult”  because you’ll still be climbing nearly 1,200 feet.
  3. Leg 4 has increased to 6.82 miles and finishes on Sandlake Rd, adjacent to the Whalen Island Rd. that goes to Whalen Island Couty Park.  A larger parking area will be provided at Whalen Island County Park and will not interfere with the Nestucca County Fire Station (which we couldn’t keep people from parking in the past couple of years).  The Leg 4 rating has changed from “easy” to “moderate” only because the distance has increased to nearly seven miles, despite losing 1,000 feet of elevation in the first half of the leg.
  4. Leg 5 has decreased from 7.02 to 4.45 miles and becomes the easiest leg on the course.  It moves from a rating of “moderate” to “easy” on a relatively flat segment.

Many racers enjoyed the detour last year on the beach from Oceanside to Netarts.  However, according to my inexperienced interpretation of the tide tables, the tide will be rather high during race time–so we’ll be using the road from Oceanside to Netarts as originally designed.

Remember that although we accept race registrations through the eve of the race, you must register by Feb. 15th to get a free shirt with your registration.  Thank you for your support, this is a valuable fundraiser for Tillamook High School Track & Field.  We have a good amount of youth and high  school teams signing up this season.  Use the coupon code “high school runner” for exclusive youth and high school teams to get 30% off the race.

As always, please don’t hesitate to e-mail me with any questions at or call me at 503.812.9190.


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