Dear 3 Capes Marathon Relay Participants,

Here are a few last minute details that will prove useful.

  1.  Here is the updated race roster as of 9pm on Thursday,  Feb. 21.

2.  EXTREMELY IMPORTANT – RELAY TEAMS (5 & 2 person teams)
The finishing participant running the final leg MUST wear the ORANGE numbered bib
Why? The orange numbered bib contains a timing chip and will record your teams official finish time.

3.  The race is chip timed, so it is important that the finishing runner is wearing the bib with a chip.  The chipped bibs have orange numbers.  The numbers of non-finishing runners are blue.

4.  Parking space is limited near the start.  Please make use of this map and park on the road going out and coming back from the Bay Ocean Peninsula County Park (identified on map by blue line).  You’ll have a 1/4 mile warmup to the start–perfect!!!  I would suggest parking in the direction that you will be leaving.  With lots of traffic it is difficult to get turned around during the mad dash.  There will be a short pre-race meeting 15 minutes prior to each race.  After the meeting, we suggest leaving your 1st runner and make the detour to exchange #1.

5.  The Ultimook non-profit is starting a Community Running Club to be launched in early April.  Please fill out this quick 6 answer survey to help us meet the needs of the running community in Tillamook County.

6.  We hope that most of you take advantage of packet pickup on Friday evening between 6 and 8 pm in the Tillamook High School main foyer located at 26015 12th St.  Saturday morning will be hectic.

I’ll be extremely busy tomorrow, but if you have any questions please e-mail me at and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Good luck & I’ll see you soon!

Patrick Zweifel

3 Capes Marathon Relay

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