13.1 miles, half marathon, leg 2, rated very difficult.

Click Here to view easy to print version (pdf) map of Leg 2 (13.1 miles).


1/2 marathon, 13.1 miles, 2nd leg

This exchange is only for 2 person teams who want to run exactly 13.1 miles each.  There will be a sandwich board designating this area, but there will not be aid at this exchange.  This exchange is at the start of the hill going up to the top of Cape Lookout State Park.  There is little to no shoulder available.  Please be careful.  It is best for the waiting runner to park at the base of the hill along the road adjacent to the entrance to the lower Cape Lookout Park and jog up to the exchange.  Likewise, the finishing runner should walk down to the parked car.

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Leg 2

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Half marathon, 1st leg

Half marathon, 2nd leg

Leg 2 Photos

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